About EyesCalm

EyesCalm, founded in 2023, aims to introduce innovative lighting products to the market while prioritizing an exceptional shopping experience.


Innovative Illumination:​

At EyesCalm, we're committed to pioneering innovative lighting solutions that not only brighten your space but also ignite creativity and inspiration.

Exceptional Curation:

We meticulously curate a selection of premium lighting products, focusing on quality, functionality, and style, to ensure that every item in our collection enhances your surroundings.

Seamless Shopping Experience:

We prioritize your satisfaction by providing a seamless shopping journey, from browsing our curated collection to receiving your chosen lighting solutions. At EyesCalm, your experience matters as much as the products we offer.


Our customers:

At EyesCalm, our aim is to enhance the beauty of the world. From assisting new homeowners in decorating their first abode to collaborating with hospitality giants on their multimillion-pound projects, we feel privileged to be entrusted with transforming spaces into captivating and harmonious environments.

Our leadership team:

At EyesCalm, we believe that the strength of a team lies in its leadership, and we are fortunate to have leaders who are dedicated to fostering an interconnected design community. With a wealth of experience gained from prestigious organizations such as Appear Here, Finery, and Worldstores, our leadership team embodies the pinnacle of excellence in both the digital and luxury realms.

Where Light Meet Calm

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